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Unique creations

With one of a kind work of art you can create special sense of uniqueness, which makes you stand out in society.

I'm presenting

my new creations and technique, where I have combined many years of experience in fashion design, sewing and painting in a unique work of art.

The advantage of these works of art is their round shape, which fits into any kind of room, giving it special charm and the noticeability of space. Create unique spaces, which give the impression of fashion design, dynamics, the hint of openness, uniqueness, glamour and luxury as well as a new view of art in spatial context.

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Heart of Memories

A unique picture Heart of Memories, as an original memory of unforgettable memories, gives your space a special mark of your own uniqueness. 

Let the others see it …

Round paintings

with attractive compositions evoke new experience. Through different materials a person can feel the softness, closeness, warmth and experience, which extend through space and time.

I choose only the best, newest materials of renowned producers, as your home deserves nothing less. Giorgio Armani, Van Gogh colours and other well-known fashion brands and trademark make the artistic work unique.

Each work of art has a certificate of authenticity confirming that the work of art in question is an original painting, first painted by an artist Helena Šircelj and is thus an original, unique and authentic work of art.

Original paintings

Which work of art do you like more?

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Did you know

that the sea is the only thing on our planet which has pushed its way through the whole evolution? That’s why it exudes so much energy, which I consume with every fibre of my being. I integrate it into my paintings and creations, which I am happy to share with you.

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Just wanted to confirm receipt of the painting. Thank you for sending through. It is a lovely piece of artwork that looks even better in real life! Thanks Adam
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You can see and feel from the pictures that they are made from the heart. Very detailed artistically painted, each one has its own message and its own fervor, its own energy record. Of course, it depends on the taste of the individual, but personally, with the use of strong colors, a wonderful abstraction or an artist's view of the landscape. Very powerfull and attracting paintings. Already 2 on a wall 🙂 in live energy is felt also.
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Wauuu.. I can't describe how beautiful it is. You have to see it live!
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Thank you for this wonderful work. I can't describe how magnificent the painting that decorates my house is. THANK YOU!
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I love the painting as much as the first moment I saw it. I can't look at her. It found a place in the dining room/kitchen where I spend a lot of time. And every now and then I think that it would be nice to see this scene live. Life sometimes surprises me, so I let myself...
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A smiling girl, a lot of positive energy, who knows how to devote herself individually to the client. 👍 Her paintings beautifully decorate my apartment, which show quite a bit of interest from visitors.
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