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Hi everyone,

My name is Helena and I come from a small European country called Slovenia. I love to meet new people, visit places and feel energies from all around the world. Being very positive, full of life and energetic is my way of life.

My interest in painting started in my childhood, when colours completely overwhelmed me. So I followed this path and became a fashion designer. I was working in wedding salons and with various fashion designers for 10 years. However, the desire for new knowledge has always been a part of me, so I completed my studies at the University of Ljubljana and became B.Sc in Graphic Technology. During the next 6 years, I was upgrading my knowledge and skills by working in successful graphic companies.

But, the desire to paint was becoming stronger and stronger! During my studies at the university, my painting skills were perfected by two academic painters, who revealed the world of art to me.

Strong and heartfelt desire has grown and led me into the world of painting and art. My great passion is the sea. It gives me so much energy, for sure it is the only thing in the world that is hiding all the colours of the world in itself. That’s why it has so much energy, which I consume with all my human being.

I love to paint

and sewing this is my purpose of life, it’s where I put all my energy in.

I’m presenting my new creations and technique, where I have combined many years of experience in fashion design, sewing and painting in a unique work of art.

The intertwining of two wonderful compositions bring out only the best from me and I pass it on to my paintings and creations.


I love all the colours of the world, my creativity has no limits and I would gladly share my enthusiasm in art work with you. Feel free and visit my shop to see my creations.

My passion for travelling and meeting new people and places evokes special feelings, unforgettable moments and priceless memories. My wish to save the memories in a special way, especially those that make me happy and which I would like to see and remember every day, always brings me to new creations.

Thus I created priceless pictures of Heart of Memories, which bring back memories and make me happy every day.

I would like to share my one of a kind pictures of Heart of Memories with you too. I help people make unique pictures or gifts for special occasions, which make them one of a kind and special.
Try it out for yourself.

HelenaSirceljArt - Sončni zahod - Original Painting -Giorgio Armani Satin - Limited Edition- Šolski center Novo mesto

I donated this wonderful work to School 

 Mrs. Damjana Gruden of the School Center Novo mesto, received it as a token of gratitude for their support and collaboration in my artistic endeavors. My wish is to encourage young artists to explore and create, and to inspire them for further artistic projects. This exceptional artistic creation is the result of merging various materials, techniques, and ideas, combining the beauty of nature with the human creative spirit.

In this way I help people create unique, priceless homes or individual rooms.
My paintings make them unique and noticeable in society.

Let the magic begin!

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