Round paintings of different dimensions

present a forthcoming new period, which has been evolving through the inspiration of nature, abstraction, materials and colours. They also present the individual’s desires, which additionally enrich the painting, making it priceless. In this way the unique and unrepeatable creations come into being.

The use of different materials

emphasizes special effect of each painting, where the painting on canvas is changed by the painting on fabric.

Round paintings with attractive compositions evoke new experience. Through different materials a person can feel the softness, closeness, warmth and experience, which extend through space and time.


I choose only the best,

newest materials of renowned producers, as your home deserves nothing less. Giorgio Armani, Van Gogh colours and other well-known fashion brands and trademark make the artistic work unique.

The advantage of these works of art

is their round shape, which fits into any kind of room, giving it special charm and the noticeability of space. Create unique spaces, which give the impression of dynamics, the hint of openness, uniqueness and glamour, as well as a new view of art in spatial context.


Created with special

new materials and observing fashion design trends, they complement and adjust to the furniture or any other room décor of a particular accommodation. With one of a kind works of art you can create special sense of uniqueness, which makes you stand out in society.


You can choose between different colours and materials of the painting and thus adapt it to your lifestyle.

In this way I help people create unique, priceless homes or individual rooms. My paintings make them unique and noticeable in society.


Each work of art has a certificate of authenticity confirming that the work of art in question is an original painting, first painted by an artist Helena Šircelj and is thus an original, unique and authentic work of art.

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