Create unique spaces,

 which give the impression of dynamics, the hint of openness, uniqueness and glamour, as well as a new view of art in spatial context.

Would you like to have a unique work of art, made to suit your requirements, size, style, made specially for you? Custom-made paintings cost 25 % more than paintings of similar size from any of the series.  


How to obtain your unique work of art in 4 steps

1 step

Send enquiry

Fill in the questionnaire which you receive after your enquiry.

When we agree on your idea, we discuss the price.

For the confirmation of your picture a deposit of 50 % of the price is required (payment can be made by PayPal).

When the first payment is made you are placed on the waiting list for the making of the painting.

2 step


3 step

Artwork creation

When the first half of the total price is paid, we set a 45-minute video call term, where you can discuss the making of the painting with the artist Helena Šircelj.

We discuss the material for the painting, which components to include, we check the material and match colours of the motif with the fabric.

Next, Helena starts the creative process. She prepares the draft of the picture and sends it to you to get your approval.

When you confirm the draft, she starts creating your painting.

When the picture is done, you receive a high-resolution photo and a video of your new picture.

When the picture is completely dry (this takes 3 to 4 weeks), we will carefully pack it and prepare it for the parcel tracking, so the picture can be delivered to your home safely.

4 step

Artwork shippment

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