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Do you wish to give yourself or your loved ones a special gift?

Choose a unique creative picture of memories of moments and events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births or any other special events.

You can design an event or an unforgettable gathering in such a way that you or the receiver will have an everlasting memory of well-spent moments.

Unique pictures of memories

With the help of a creativity set, which helps you express your creativity, you are now able to create one of a kind, unique picture of memories with your own photos of various events.

Creativity sets are always an awesome gift idea!

You can choose between different creativity sets and uniquely painted pictures of the heart.

I offer a video with instructions or creativity sets for creating your Heart of Memories. In the video instructions I guide you through the whole process of creating, so you will be able to create your picture of memories easily.

I invite you to visit my online shop and find the best creativity set for yourself.

For what occasion are you looking for the Heart of Memories?

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