Original Acrylic Painting on Giorgio Armani Satin with light and crystal/ Limited Edition
16˝ (40 cm)


FLOWER OF LIFE DIVINE LOVE represents the love of the universe that surrounds us and gives us every day. Positive vibrations and receiving this energy positively affect us as well as the space in which we are, while at the same time attracting harmonious acceptance of prosperity and all goodness into our lives. We open ourselves up to the abundance that has been there for us all this time.

The Flower of Life is one of the oldest symbols of sacred geometry. It is one of the mandalas that contains the information system and conceals wisdom. It contains all that is, was and will be. By understanding this symbol, we would understand life and space. It is like a key that opens a glimpse into scientific art and explores the world.

The light image can be used in meditation and in everyday life. It resolves blockages, gives life energy and inspires optimism. Your thoughts create your life. Recognize your thoughts to awaken ideas, courage, hope, and inner strength in your life. Positive thoughts are the doors that open countless possibilities, so Divine Love supports us in our intention to realize these desires.

“My purpose creates my reality.
“When I believe in myself, I believe in the wisdom that made me.
“I trust in the invisible force that flows through all *divine love.
“My heart is my kingdom.


Moj namen ustvarja mojo stvarnost!
Ko verjamem vase verjamem v modrost ki me je ustvarila!
Zaupam v nevidno silo ki teče skozi vse * božansko ljubezen!‟
Moje srce kraljestvo moje je!

Revive and support your creation of life and your home with a beautiful light artwork.
The light that radiates from the painting DIVINE LOVE – Flower life supports us even more by attracting even more light, harmony and prosperity into our home.

This work of art has the certificate of authenticity, which confirms that this work of art is the original painting, first painted by the artist Helena Šircelj, and is thus an original, unique and authentic work of art.

Availability: 1 in stock

Year Created: 2023
Artist Signature:  Signed at the back

Original Oil Painting on fabric material – Giorgio Armani Satin by Brush with light and crystal.

Signed at the back with the title and a pocket for message of the painting. Ready to hang.

Painting cleaning and maintenance: synthetic duster.
The painting must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Weight 2800 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 cm


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